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"We are the founders of DEW. We have built DEW from the ground up over the past 30 years. We live at DEW and devote our lives to the upkeep and care of our 200 plus animals.


Alongside us, are a few amazing workers, interns, and volunteers. To our most devoted DEW KEEPERS—Thank you for your time and devotion to us and our animals! Without you we would be just a wee bit...more insane."


                                                                    —Bob and Julie Miner


DEW is a non-profit family founded zoo and rescue, built from the ground up by Bob and Julie Miner. Bob started DEW in 1980 after suffering debilitating strokes from his service in Vietnam. He started with traditional farm animals and soon started helping rescue Maine wildlife and getting a few exotic animals. In 1994, Julie and her two daughters Hannah and Heidi came as volunteers to the farm. Bob and Julie hit it off and married six months later. Together, they grew DEW and moved to a larger location.


After years of blood, sweat, tears and laughter—with help and support from friends and volunteers—DEW is now haven to over 200 animals from all over the world. Bob and Julie live with the animals and dedicate their lives to them. The animals come from many different backgrounds. Some are from zoos, others from individuals who got in over their heads, people moving, people dying, rescues and some were bought to educate and preserve.  Bob and Julie strive to educate every person who visits the farm. DEW has fun, educational, interactive tours throughout the day. Sometimes tours are cut short by births or injuries because the animals' needs always come first. Remember DEW is a working farm, not a commercial zoo—so the work is done by the family. DEW does have wonderful volunteers who are truly appreciated.


Bob and Julie have a relationship with each and every animal at DEW.  They all have their own name and personality with their own moods and needs. They love their lives with them and enjoy sharing them with you.


Remember...their future is our responsibility.

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