Q: Is there a place to eat?

A: Yes. DEW has picnic tables. Many of our visitors pack lunches and eat in our picnic area.


Q: Do you sell food?

A: Not for people. We do however sell food for you to feed specific animals as you travel around the farm.


Q: Do you have a gift shop?

A: We have a small gift shop. We normally sell, t-shirts, water bottles, pictures, magnets, and feathers


Q: What should I bring?

A: We recommend coming prepared with the following items. Sturdy shoes (mud boots during mud season), Bug Spray, Sun Screen, Lunch, Camera (for personal use only), Stroller (if you have little ones)


Q: What do you do with the animals in the winter?

A: We provide proper housing for all our animals. For the winter months, we have heated barns for those who need it. Many of our animals are adaptable to the cold and prefer the cold over our humid summers.


Q: How did you get all these animals?

A: All of the animals have their own story. Some are from zoo overload, some we rescued, some just needed a new home, and some were born here. Check out one of our educational tours to learn each individual animals story.


Q: Can anyone have exotic animals?

A: No, you would need to obtain special licenses and permits.


Q: How do you feed all of these animals?

A: We purchase produce and grain from local stores. Most of our meat is donated from farmers who lose cows and other livestock, and we pick up roadkill deer, moose, and bear within a 40 mile radius.


Q: Do you have group rates?

A: Yes, we have group rates for different types of organized groups (like schools, camps, recs, etc.). For more information please contact us directly to schedule a group visit and get the group discount.


Q: How do you fund the zoo?

A: We are a non-profit organization not funded by the state or federal government. We use the money we get from admissions, our small gift shop, and random donations to feed, house, and meet all our animal needs.


Q: Do you sell exotic animals in the pet trade?

A: No. We would NEVER sell exotic animals in the pet trade.  We do not believe in individuals owning exotic animals.  We save animals from these types of situations.


Q: Do you sell endangered animals?

A: No. We do not sell endangered animals.


Q: Are White Tigers a result of inbreeding?

A: No. White Tigers are a subspecies of the Bengal tiger.  It is a recessive gene both tiger parents must carry to produce a white offspring.  This occurs naturally, the first of which being found in India by Maharaja Shri Martland Singh of Rewa.


More questions?

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