"Bob and Julie, I just had to send this note to thank you so much for the 'once in a life time' experience of visiting your extraordinary animal sanctuary. I personally will never forget the opportunity. Thank you both so much for your love and dedication to these magnificent animals and for spending so much time with us. We will continue to donate to your facility to help with the care of your animals"


"I HIGHLY recommend this animal kingdom & sanctuary to those wanting to
look at domestic, exotic, and or wild animals!!!! The owners are very courteous, & knowledgeable, and truly do a lot of good for the animal kingdom! Again....HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!"


"I just want to say thank your for the awesome tour of the zoo. You do a great job with these animals and I appreciate the time you put into showing and explaining about each animal. Enclosed please find some of the photos I took along with a small donation. I would recommend this place to anyone"


"Thank you for the tour. Also thank you for all you do to care for and
protect animals"


"Thank you and all those who help for everything you do!! Thank you for having such a wonderful website to keep us updated on the latest happenings. We hope to be able to come visit again when the weather gets warmer"


"In the middle of central Maine is this fantastic animal sanctuary. We were lucky enough to arrive right at opening and Bob Miner, the owner, took us on a tour.
He is extremely knowledgeable about each and every animal's situation, and it is evidently clear that he is extraordinarily passionate about what he does. Seeing the animals respond to him..."