What to Expect

How to get the most out of your trip to DEW:


Our animals safety is our number one priority; therefore, please take a moment to read our rules and tips on what to expect from your visit.  Doing this will ensure everyone has a fun time at DEW.


•  No running, yelling, or climbing on fencing.


•  No animal abuse or teasing of any kind will be tolerated.  This includes throwing anything at an animal or towards an animal enclosure, running in front of an enclosure to get an animal to chase you, or any inappropriate behavior that could upset an animal.


•  There is no smoking on DEW grounds.  This includes both of our parking lots.


•  If you are seen breaking the rules and are a distance away, we will yell for you to stop—please understand this is necessary to keep our animals and you safe from harm.


•  If you see anyone breaking our rules, please help keep our animals safe and report it to one of our DEW KEEPERS.


•  Check our social media channels for closures.  We will close if it is pouring rain or a thunder storm.


•  Consider bringing bug spray, sunscreen, and water. All of our exhibits are outside.


•  You may pack a lunch and eat at our picnic tables if you choose.  We do not sell food or drinks.


•  The ice cream truck makes frequent stops at DEW—YUM.


•  We sell food at our gift shop to feed the animals.  We do not allow ANY outside food, so please do not feed anything to the animals that you did not get from the gift shop.


•  Our tour schedule is approximate.  It is very likely that a tour could be late.  Please remember the people doing the tours are also the people tending to over 200 animals' needs, if something comes up, the tour may be late or canceled.


•  We are a working farm.  You won't find paved pathways (although we work hard to keep our trails clean and wheelchair accessible), and there may be construction projects (like building/improving animal habitats) and tractor runs (for moving buckets from freshly cleaned enclosures).


•  You may notice glass jars near many of the animal enclosures.  These are fly jars.  They are used to trap and kill flies to keep them off our animals.


•  You will find extremely dedicated people who have spent every waking hour (and many sleeping hours) loving and caring for these animals.  Please never assume, always ask if you have any questions or concerns.